CUTS003: Mushroom Soup by Eden Rock

CUTS003: Mushroom Soup by Eden Rock

Hey! Today we’re glad to introduce a new feature to the Gentle Cuts game. From now, we will begin to quite sporadically publish guest mixes by some of our favourite DJs, producers, musicians and friends. With every mix, we also ask some of our favourite illustrators, artists, graphic designers and friends to do the artwork for it. Exciting, huh?

First off in the Gentle Cuts guest mix franchise are the wonderful Eden Rock who got our immediate attention a few years ago with their feel good bonanza disco track “A Splendored Lovething”. Now it’s time for the Mushroom Soup mix – a soothing but exalted ride through the autumn mist.
The artwork is made by french graphic designer and wonderman Pierre Vanni.

Duration: 44:59 min.
Format: MP3, 192 kbit/s


CUTS002: Red knife logo t-shirt

Today we’re opening the Gentle Cuts Shop. We’re currently working on a smooth and user-friendly shopping solution. But for now, mail your orders (with name and address) to and we’ll give you the shipping cost and payment methods.

Our first addition to the Gentle Cuts Shop is a SUPER LIMITED t-shirt with the knife symbol in red. Simple as that! The t-shirt is in 100% certified organic cotton. We’ve got six large sized and six medium sized t-shirts for sale, so yeah … pretty, pretty, pretty limited!

Price: $22 + shipping
Sizes: Medium, Large

Albin 2000 – Golden Glocken EP

Albatross - Golden Glocken EP

A few days ago, the 28th of April, Gentle Cuts-Albin released the debut-EP of his disco/house-project Albin 2000. You can download or stream the EP in high quality at Bandcamp here.

‘Getting Me Down’ (the 2nd track of the EP) – a fresh and summerish tune with a 90’s house and r’n’b vibe – has already made its way into Radio AF’s (Sweden’s biggest student radio) rotation A-list.

Also featured on the EP are Malmö-based Trsii and Garpovic contributing with remixes of two of the songs. Artwork made by Tobias Gerhardsson.


Come dance with disco-ghosts from the past, present and future. Moonwalk between magical high-fives and sharpen your moves with electricity. Together we’ll turn Smålands to a crypt where nobody gets cut off mid-funk. Do as the Gentle Cult do; cut the rug gently too.

The 24th of March Fasaan comes to Lund to, along with the Gentle Cuts-crew, offer some of the most dance friendly music available. Crazy!

• 24 MARCH
• 22-02
• 40:-
• SMÅLAND’S NATION (Lund, Sweden)

CUTS001: Naked Fridays Mix By Gentle Cuts

By the end of the summer 2011, Gentle Cuts got a mail from Ted Shumaker from Viva Radio. The radio station whose excellent musical choices you hear when shopping in your local American Apparel shop. He liked us, we asked if we could do a mix for his radio show and we did. We were like “FUCK YEAH!” and here it is! One hour long. Ranging from creepy italo to Bollywood.

Here’s the tracklist.