CUTS014: Mix for a Dead Cat by DJ Truffles

CUTS014: Mix for a Dead Cat by DJ Truffles

DJ Truffles based in Malmö, Sweden, is our next featured selector. We have seen and experienced his passionate quest for songs up close, and it can best be described with the image of a wild boar, rooting through the ground, aggressively flipping over entire mats of forest floor in search of the tasty and potentially magical bonbons underneath. Truffles spread through fungivores, animals that eat them. So sit back, relax, and just let the fruiting bodies of the subterran fungi in this mix manifold through you. Nature must have its way.

The mix is a dedication to his loveable cat Tove that tragically passed away this summer.

Big ups to graphic designer and illustrator Tobias Gutmann for his wonderfully swirly artwork.

Tracklist is found here.

Duration: 1:18:56 min.
Format: MP3, 320 kbit/s


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  1. Tracklist:

    Paradise of Replica – Paradise of Replica
    Susumu Yokota – Balloon in the Cage
    ? – ?
    John Holt – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mike
    Patti page – Tennessee Waltz
    Untitled Gear – So Fine
    Rexy – Nervoso
    Testpattern – Souvenir Glace
    Shanti Celeste – Good Spirits
    Kate Bush – The Dreaming
    Brenda Ray – Dreamin’
    Juzy aka Moochy – Morning Grow (K-s.h.e.’s Melancholy Grow)
    Boof – Boombada
    The Trees Community – I Will Not Leave You Comfortless
    Dorreen Schaeffer – Ain’t Gonna Change My Mind
    Hot sauce – C’est Était, C’est Bon (Hot sauce Mix)
    Raw Silk – Just In Time
    Nina Kravitz – Black White
    Ross 154 – Apricot
    Blue Jays – Remember Me (My Friend)

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