CUTS011: Dialects for Peace by Sacha Mambo

CUTS011: Dialects for Peace by Sacha Mambo

Now and then we ask our favourite DJs, producers, musicians and friends to do a mix for us. With every mix, we also ask some of our favourite illustrators, artists, graphic designers and friends to do the artwork for it, creating this beautiful blend between music and art.

The summer may now be long gone, but in the middle of a summer night in a small limestone quarry on the island of Gotland, Sweden, the sounds of the ever so productive Sacha Mambo echoed amongst seashells and rauks. We were there. It was beatiful and we had to ask Sacha for a mix.

As one half of the Macadam Mambo imprint, with Dialects for Peace, the Lyon-based eclectic digger invites us to an evocative journey into music.

Big ups to paper cut wizard Liam Stevens for the fabulous artwork!

Here’s the poetic tracklist.

Duration: 1:06:19 min.
Format: MP3, 192 kbit/s



  1. Gentle Cuts

    January 17, 2016 at 11:56 pm


    01. La petite fleur se réveille “intro”
    02. The day comes
    03. Walk in the forrest
    04. Dance under the trees
    05. Some scary clouds, then the rain
    06. Dance in the water
    07. The night comes
    08. Bad humans want to kill me
    09. Captured flower
    10. Talk to the enemy
    11. Fall into coma
    12. Wake up
    13. Emergency, emergency
    14. Escape yourself, run fast
    15. Enjoy the taste of freedom
    16. Feeling at peace again

  2. seriously, waht is the song at 13 min?

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