CUTS003: Mushroom Soup by Eden Rock

CUTS003: Mushroom Soup by Eden Rock

Hey! Today we’re glad to introduce a new feature to the Gentle Cuts game. From now, we will begin to quite sporadically publish guest mixes by some of our favourite DJs, producers, musicians and friends. With every mix, we also ask some of our favourite illustrators, artists, graphic designers and friends to do the artwork for it. Exciting, huh?

First off in the Gentle Cuts guest mix franchise are the wonderful Eden Rock who got our immediate attention a few years ago with their feel good bonanza disco track “A Splendored Lovething”. Now it’s time for the Mushroom Soup mix – a soothing but exalted ride through the autumn mist.
The artwork is made by french graphic designer and wonderman Pierre Vanni.

Duration: 44:59 min.
Format: MP3, 192 kbit/s


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