Month: November 2015

Abdullah Ibrahim – Blues For a Hip King

MP3: Abdullah Ibrahim – Blues For a Hip King

Yuki Koshimoto – Spacedrum

MP3: Yuki Koshimoto – Spacedrum

Brenda Ray – Hearts Entwine

MP3: Brenda Ray – Hearts Entwine

CUTS010: Coco by Vichy Nouveau

Now and then we ask our favourite DJs, producers, musicians and friends to do a mix for us. With every mix, we also ask some of our favourite illustrators, artists, graphic designers and friends to do the artwork for it, creating this beautiful blend between music and art.

Time to wake the good ol’ house nerve with this beautiful mix by Vichy Nouveau. Turn on your mind, get up and step upstream to the diva house rhythm. Never in the history of Gentle Cuts has the term “booyah” been more appropriate.

Artwork made by our congenial friend Arthur Röing Baer.

Here’s the tracklist.

Duration: 57:44 min.
Format: MP3, 192 kbit/s


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