Month: September 2014

Ariel Pink – Credit

MP3: Ariel Pink – Credit

CUTS007: Midnight Dreams of Summer by Molly Nilsson

CUTS007: Midnight Dreams of Summer by Molly Nilsson

Now and then we ask our favourite DJs, producers, musicians and friends to do a mix for us. With every mix, we also ask some of our favourite illustrators, artists, graphic designers and friends to do the artwork for it, creating this beautiful blend between music and art.

Shortly after posting “Blue Dollar” by Molly Nilsson on the blog we contacted her. The initial reason for this was that we felt guilty for posting her new single without permission. We asked for the permission, and she said “Sure!”. With hubris in our system we also asked her to do a mix, and here we are. Hubris can be good sometimes. Jumping between swedish teen-punk and breathtaking german hardtechno, this mix will take you places.

Make sure to check out Molly’s new Sólo Paraíso – The Summer Songs EP. She’s the best.

Big, big hugs and thanks to illustrator Marion Guillet for the artwork.

Here’s the tracklist.

Duration: 1:04:46 min.
Format: MP3, 192 kbit/s


Pauline Anna Strom – Energies

MP3: Pauline Anna Strom – Energies

Flash and the Pan – Walking in the Rain

MP3: Flash and the Pan – Walking in the Rain

Ozo – Anambra

MP3: Ozo – Anambra

Pépé Kallé – Près du Cœur

MP3: Pépé Kallé – Près du Cœur

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